ZJ Gauge 485 Series “Hakucho Color” Inline!

ZJ Gauge 485 Series “Hakucho Color” Inline!


Variation of ZJ 485 series

Akia → Plus up “ZJ gauge” 485 Series 300 series, various color variations have been developed besides basic JNR colors.


The one that appeared in the first stage is the JNR color and “Hitachi color”, which I purchased in the box before. As a result of Donadona continued to increase afterwards, 11 JNR Colors and 8 Hitachi colors belonged to the “TETSUPARA Railway Z Gauge Rolling Stock Center” (laugh)


The next one was the Kyushu Red Express that was included in the magazine “ZJ Gauge Complete Manual 2006” that came out of Neko Publishing and was enclosed. There are things called journal’s appendix, and it seems that there are few tama and it is a rare existence.

And this magazine is forecasting commercialization of the second volume and the second volume was also released. The second one is “Hakucho Color”, “Kagayaki / Kirameki”, “Super Raicho”, improvement has been made that one power box and power pack will surely enter in one box.

In the magazine mentioned earlier, “bonnet car” as the third bullet, and “panorama car” in the fourth bullet seem to have been planned, but finally it became an illusion. After that, I did not add Bali exhibition, I was focusing on brush up (metallization of set and pantograph) of existing products and expansion of rails.

The mold was further handed over to Teranets, and the 489 series Hakusan color on which the wheel was improved has appeared.




Kaminuttari Color

This blog, since it is far behind until writing, it is already several months ago, the second set of “Hakucho color” 1 set and rail and power pack set is being sold to Nagoya-Osu Popondetta I saw it and bought it.

The organization used for “swan” was assigned to Kaminuttari of JR East (present Niigata Car Center), so it is generally called “Kaminuttari color” in general.

The unevenness of paint is also less, overall feeling is not so much different from the first case.

I brought it to Asukusa Rokuhan, but I think it has become quite like it. Although derailment occurs frequently by default, if we make the wheel diameter smaller, we will be able to run the layout of this Rokuhan with a margin, so I would like to challenge to reduce the diameter of the leading car this time.

Rail and battery type power pack

The rails and power packs enclosed in the second bullet are different from the first one, and there is no compatibility.

The rail is simple but with a trackbed, it is only a curve. Endless can be assembled with 10 pieces.

The battery type (3 AAA batteries) power pack is fairly compact, and although advanced features such as speed adjustment are not attached, it was enough feeling to run one organization.


Fits in the palm is the attraction of Z gauge. Although it is not present at present, it is relatively easy to enter even in second hand, and it is also cheap so it is just right to start Z gauge. It can be said that the meaning of the ZJ series was great in that it lowered the threshold of Z gauge at once.

As a digression, bonnet vehicles are finally being commercialized from Rokuhan this year.


★If you start the Z gauge now, Z Shorty is recommended!

[鉄道模型]六半 A900-1 ロクハン Zゲージ総合カタログ

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ZJ Gauge 485 Series “Hakucho Color” Inline!

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