A new-generation camera car! Buy Panasonic HX-A1H

A new-generation camera car! Buy Panasonic HX-A1H


Mini Action Camera Panasonic HX-A1H

■Action Camera A1H

I bought second hand of Panasonic HX-A1H.


In Panasonic, action cam is called “wearable camera”. Its primary model was a cylindrical body with an operating section with a liquid crystal screen connected by a cable.

The A1H which was released in the fall of 2015 became possible to operate only with the cylindrical part, and it was great that the point of handling which the previous model was not good was greatly improved. Since the liquid crystal screen ceased to be attached, it became possible to operate with a smartphone with Wi-Fi connection by ”ImageApp”.

Although the goodness of the handling was evaluated, it seems that competition with Sony AZ1 etc. was also intense in the Japanese market which is recognized as action cam ≒ GoPro is not good sales. As a result, Panasonic has withdrawn from the wearable market for civilian living with the full 2017 year, not to mention the successor.


However, because of its small size, it is the size that fits perfectly with the N-gauge vehicle limit, and N purchasers purchased for camera cars seems to be few. Even now it is highly popular because it gains high evaluation of compactness, and it is high price stable at Mercari, Yahoo! auction, and so on.

■It is really small ….

This time, I got black individuals that came out cheaply on condition that there is no box  and manual.


Looks like a small flashlight. The body has a matte paint and luxury.
Just by pushing 3 buttons on the main unit, recorded shooting is possible even by just operating the button.

ImageApp is like this screen.


Because there is a front filter, it becomes a strong bluish person, but it is not something that gives a strong sense of incongruity. I think whether it is okay to remove the filter since it is not a drip-proof relationship if it is a model railway level. The resolution is somewhat like that.




Camera Car II

That’s why “N camera car Ⅱ” was born on KOKI35000.
This “Yeliow KOKI” was originally bought at Akihabara assuming purchase of A1H.


As in the comicam era, as it is equipped with a close-coupled TN coupler and a KATO coupler N in a push-pull system, any one can be used as long as the coupler has been changed. (↑ I’m biting a shiny on a coupler’s relationship w)


Of course, although A1H camera is planned to be used not only with N gauge but also HO gauge, I would like to introduce the date again as the HO camera car is not produced yet.

Play with the front view

Finally, it is a front view video at Nagoya-Osu Popondetta.

The viewing angle was satisfactory even with standards.
Stability is above the comicam and battery possession is also good so it seems to enjoy the front view as much as you want (^o^)


I wanted to go back to Tokyo’s rental layout that I could not take at comicam.


Panasonic! ! I am waiting for re-entry to wearable camera! !


[鉄道模型]トミックス (Nゲージ) 8729 JR貨車 コキ104形(新塗装・コンテナなし)

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いいね ! しよう

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A new-generation camera car! Buy Panasonic HX-A1H

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