Step up from “EarPods”! Review of JVC “XX HA-FX101M”

Step up from “EarPods”! Review of JVC “XX HA-FX101M”


One genre of low price earphone “Deep bass earphone”

The low priced earphone below 5 thousand yen has a majority of models that will make the bass and treble stronger Don Shari sound.

Even among those low price earphones, the genre boasting strong persistent popularity is “ear of bass emphasis”. Many manufacturers such as Sony and Audio Technica already have entered earphones with strengths in bass around 2010, and now many small and medium sized manufacturers are developing it.

When narrowing down to three major Japanese manufacturers,

  • Sony “EXTRA BASS” series (XB below)
  • Audio Technica “SOLID BASS” series (CKS)
  • JVC “XX” series

Is deployed as a series of bass-oriented earphones.


JVC’s “XX HA-FX101M” to be reviewed this time will be the smartphone version for the entry model “HA-FX101”, the youngest brother of the XX series.

I was concerned about the seasoning of JVC’s XX series and thought that I wanted to listen to music with smartphone instead of walkman so I thought that I wanted a smartphone earphone for about 1 and tried it.




What about usability?

The punch is working from the package.
Is Osassu difficult to buy? Compared with XB and CKS, you can receive the feeling that you are targeting younger people.

The housing part of the main body is also decorated with “XX” greatly, it is a design with a punch. From the appearance, the aura that seems to give out sounds like awesome sounds is unleashed (lol)
Although it is orthodox black, there are five other color lineups.

Because it is a model for smartphones, a remote control button and a microphone are built in the right (R) side cord.
Remote operation allows you to p


e@@:@:ewwqw3qrform operations such as playing, pausing, skipping, listening to music and handling during a call. It is a pity that the volume button is not on, and the volume will be controlled by the smartphone itself.

By the way, this remote operation also worked on iTunes on Mac. It does not work on other music software or things on browsers like Amazon Music.

Because the response of the button is irritable, when putting in a pocket or bag, it is troublesome if you do not pull it out of the earphone jack.

Surprisingly not much of bass?

Although it is the sound quality of the essence, it is a very well-balanced sound with the sound of calm tendency as opposed to flashy exterior.

Bass sounds firmly just for the necessary amount instead of booboo. The middle to high range also has good elongation and high resolution.

Although it comes off from “bass emphasis” as in the product concept, it seems that a sound that is convincing is made even if anyone hears it.


In a nutshell, the sound of FX11M is “more quality than quantity”.

The same JVC ‘s FX14 is emphasized “quantity” and has become a healthy sound with punch. Even if you see only the amount of bass, FX14 is much more.
Similarly in the entry model of the competitor’s XB series and CKS series, the quantity is important and the amount of the bass becomes thicker as the word is, but the sense of resolution is lacking.

Although the amount of bass is suppressed in FX11M, in fact it is outstanding with the sense of resolution and elongation, good balance.

Although you can enjoy any genre regardless of the result genre, there may be some people feeling a shortage of J-POP and Anison which young people like. For those who feel it is not FX11M, FX 14 is not the preferred sound.

Let’s buy it because it is 2,000 yen

It has a variety of 2 thousand yen earphones, but it is the sound that is settled down among them, so it is FX 11 M reviewed this time regardless of the genre.
I think that JVC seems to be the place that requires quality rather than quantity.

There are many iPhone users in Japan, but the attached EarPods are not suitable for outside use because they are not hermetic type anyhow, regardless of the sound. So it would be handy to have one for external use.
Even in Android, there are many terminals that do not include earphones, so if you do not listen to high res, FX11M is cheap and a good choice.


Because it is cheap, let’s buy it \ (^ o ^) /


【ポイント2倍】 スマホ イヤホン JVC ビクター HA-FX101M-B ブラック 大迫力の重低音サウンド スマートフォン用マイク付き リモコン搭載カナル型 イヤホン イヤフォン 【1年保証】

(2019/1/9 11:19時点)

JVC ジェイブイシー [マイク付]カナル型イヤホン (レッド) HA-FX101M-R 1.2mコード[HAFX101MR]

(2019/1/9 11:21時点)

Let’s also try listening to Amazon Music with the purchase of earphone.






いいね ! しよう

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Step up from “EarPods”! Review of JVC “XX HA-FX101M”

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