What is the power of a smartphone lens that can be purchased with “Can Do”? I tried using it!

What is the power of a smartphone lens that can be purchased with “Can Do”? I tried using it!


Smartphone lens available for 100 yen

A lot of various kinds of smartphones lenses are sold at the 100 yen shop recently.

In general, there are two types of wide lenses (wide angle lenses) and macro lenses, each functioning independently, and a set of macros that can be used with a combination of two lenses. (I have never seen a telephoto lens at 100 yen …)

Among them, the first thing that seemed to be luxurious was “100yen Shop Can Do” sold, “Wide angle & macro lens with smartphone”.

For this time I will thoroughly review this “Can Do” smartphone lens.

■”Can Do” sold, “Wide angle & macro lens with smartphone”

Of course it is ¥ 108 (haha)
It’s pretty solid paper box package, I am excited. If it is something of Daiso, the package is a bag of plastic ….

contents. I have attached both lenses to the body first. Even though it is a 100 yen product, it comes with a front cap and a purse for portable, it is kind and gives favorable feeling.
Each lens probably contains only about one or two plastic lenses.

It is in the state attached to Xperia XZ1.





How about a wide angle lens?

This time I tried it with two sets of Xperia XZ 1 and iPhone 7, but I will introduce it in the example of iPhone 7.

Vignetting occurred in both cameras in wide-angle lenses.

Touch focus becomes virtually ineffective, and focusing is completely left to the camera.

This is the state shot with only the default camera

Distortion is quite large even if you look at the unfettered person, the flow is also great. It is rather delicate angle of view whether it is a fish-eye lens rather than a wide angle. Since the resolution drops much more than normal shooting, I think that it is tough to use regularly unless it is intended to express it intentionally or to use it like a toy camera.

Ability of macro lens

Macro lens does not function by itself, shooting with the lens mounted on a wide angle lens.

Although the distortion is terrible, I heard that the resolution of the center is not so bad.

I think I will be able to stay close to the limit, but I think that the scenes that need to stay so far will be limited.

Can we use it to expand the model of railroads? I thought, it seems to be somewhat difficult.

Excellent as a 100 yen toy

The review of the “Can Do” smartphone lens was a dry evaluation as a whole, I think whether it is excellent if it thinks as “108 yen toy camera lens” of 108 yen.

Although the wide-angle lens is not good, since the macro lenses are resolved so much, it seems that it can be used for play expressions.


Nonetheless, if you want to represent more seriously with a lens for smartphones, it may be good to purchase a set that is sold for around 2,000 yen at Amazon etc. I also have a tripod.







いいね ! しよう

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What is the power of a smartphone lens that can be purchased with “Can Do”? I tried using it!

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