【16:9】PENTAX K10D PC wallpaper Vol.1

【16:9】PENTAX K10D PC wallpaper Vol.1


Today we will distribute PC wallpapers for the first time in a while. If you can follow the rules below, please feel free to use.

Rules for using wallpaper

  • Copyright is attributable to NASU-NOZO-MIZUHO.
  • You are free to modify and process them freely.
  • Commercial use is OK. No need to contact.
  • Redelivery of this wallpaper is forbidden.
  • It is also prohibited to distribute modified / processed things as their own production wallpaper.
  • It was produced several years ago on the assumption of use on a full HD monitor, and it may not be effective on the 4K 8K monitor or the Mac with Retina display which has become popular recently (lol)




How to download wallpaper

① Click the thumbnail image.


Click 「フルサイズ表示」(”Full size display”) in the lower right.

③ By selecting “Download” “Save Image” etc. from the right click menu, you can download and use it.

PENTAX K-10D Wallpaper

This time it is a picture of PENTAX K10D taken four years ago.

The lens is Tamron 17-50 / 2.8 (A16P).



Please click the thumbnail image to download.




The wallpaper will be released on an irregular basis in the future.

Besides 4K size, I want to be able to distribute for smartphones as well.


5メートルで1mオマケ はがせる壁紙シール壁紙の上から貼れる ウォールシート50cm幅x1m単位【3m以上送料無料】 さらに選べるプレゼント!《クロス 防水 木目 DIY 床 インテリア シート 無地 タイル レンガ のり付き おしゃれ 大人かわいい インテリアシート》

(2018/12/29 16:51時点)






いいね ! しよう


【16:9】PENTAX K10D PC wallpaper Vol.1

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