TOMIX EF 58 old product (general color) entering line! [Purchase]

TOMIX EF 58 old product (general color) entering line! [Purchase]


The legendary “inspector” EF58



EF58 is an electric locomotive introduced after the WWⅡ. It is old-fashioned in terms of performance, but because it was superior in performance during high-speed driving, it was appointed to tow a limited express train and it also became the face of a flower-shaped train.

Although it appeared at the beginning as a box type body, after temporary new production stopped, an improved model which flechened to the streamline type body came out, it became the decision version. It is a vehicle that gained popularity with its charming design.


Unfortunately, all the cars are retiring, but many preserved cars are present and still one of the most popular models in the model world (lol)


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Such N gauge of EF58 has conflicted KATO and TOMIX until now until the 1980 ‘s.
Both companies have good impression grasp and sell well, the cheap and good individuals are falling down on the second hand shop.


Last month, when I was going around a second-hand model shop with Itoken, Iken became wanting to fall in love with that style, while being bought one after another with the KATO express color / brown color and the blue general color of micro It is!
On the way, I discovered the initial product of TOMIX ‘s general color (with Hisashi) with an exception of ¥1,550, Iken decided to buy the EF 81 I found together, this EF58 is what I buy.


TOMIX EF58 was released in the mid-80’s for the first time. Initial product is that the wheels of the first bogie are divided into left and right, so it is easy to derail.

The impression grasp has been done so that the same time KATO can not be caught, I think that it is done very well. The appearance of the decked turtle is also fresh and fun to watch.

Enjoy variation

In addition to the difference between the early box style and the streamlined improvement type as described above, EF58 features abundant color variation (there are also other items such as presence or absence of hissing and calling specification etc)


  • Brown: Grape color at the time of appearance. Early types are all this color.
  • General color: New performance Standard blue color of DC electric locomotive. Because it was a high performance EF58 is also subject to repainting.
  • Express color: paint painted with cream at the bottom, based on general colors.
  • “Aodaisho” color: paint color painted according to green (= “Aodaisho” color) such as “TSUBAME” “HATO”.


In this time, I will be the owner of the general color, otherwise it Itoken will be owned and it is supposed to be able to tow passenger and freight car owned by each other from now on.
However, I want both of the brown calling specifications and I am aiming for it (lol) If I find cheaper next time, I would like to buy it.

Three colors excluding Blue General gathered faces at Popondetta at Nagoya Osu. Kama with deck was fresh as it was the first entry line.


Rental layout in Tokyo Also active in various places. What attracts you is the charm of EF58.

Yumekukan at Komatsugawa 2018.11.10 EOS 5D+Tokina24-70/2.8
Rail Garden at Kuramae 2018.11.11 iPhone7
Re-Color at Ochiai 2018.11.12 X-E1+PENTAX-M50/1.7
Re-Color at Ochiai iPhone7



記録 EF58 [ (鉄道) ]

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TOMIX EF 58 old product (general color) entering line! [Purchase]

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