After a long absence PENTAX K-7

After a long absence PENTAX K-7


I do not have time to write regular blogs with packing. Today is a small article.

Yesterday I found a PENTAX K-7 battery charger after a long absence. Why is there such a place? W I was in the place where I was wondering how much I was looking for it did not come out.

I have carried the K-7 for the first time in over two years.
All Photos are used PENTAX-M 50mm F1.7. It is light and the torque feeling of the focus ring is also very good.

I was worried because there was a problem with charging whether the battery was deteriorating(´・ω・`)
I also lost the 1D4 compatible battery and recently it is not good about the battery.

But K-7 has a focus aid comfortably working, the mechanical operation feeling is not surprisingly bad, right?

I think I will carry on OSAWA MF lens I bought at the last Maruei this time.




I saw Keigo Higashino’s “letter” recommended at a certain place yesterday morning and I was wondering if it was a bit of a concern, since I was just dramaized (I did not know it in the morning)
I did not think it was fiction, it was a work that I thought something was seeing the reality.
It is a thought that my chest tightens as my family members of perpetrators are being driven down.

I personally do not like this kind of dark style, but I could see it smoothly. Let’s also read the original.


There is no indication that packing will end …


K-70-18-135ブラツク ペンタックス デジタル一眼レフカメラ「PENTAX K-70」18-135WR レンズキット(ブラック)

(2018/12/20 21:43時点)





いいね ! しよう


After a long absence PENTAX K-7

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